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Return or exchange of goods is made if

  1. This product does not match the description, appearance of the product presented on the site,
  2. The product has a factory injury or defect in which the manufacturer undertakes to eliminate this injury or defect in accordance with the terms of the warranty service. In this case, the buyer is obliged to submit this product within 14 days after purchase.,
  3. When non-normal factory product "company Hrachya Ohanyan" undertakes to replace this product with another product of equivalent value (at the request of the buyer) or to generate a refund with a full refund, including the cost of delivery,
  4. According to the RA law return or exchange is made within 14 working days,
  5. The presence of factory damage the buyer confirms the video taken during unpacking

This organization:

Required documents for return or exchange of the order:


Returns or exchanges do not work if

  1. The goods are made in accordance with the individual order of the buyer, in which the design, price and material composition of the goods are previously agreed and approved by the buyer.
  2. If the goods are of good quality, the return takes into account the cost of the goods, delivery is paid by the customer
  3. The goods suffered external, non-factory losses due to the unfair attitude of the buyer.

 Financial terms of return or refund: